Our Curriculum

The curriculum is the planned learning opportunities in all subjects across our school.  We also take advantage of unplanned learning whenever we can, for example if the children show sudden interest in something new or special. 

PHONICS AND READING; The Brigg is a Read Write Inc school which means we follow the Ruth Miskin approach to reading. Find out more about this at

We supplement this approach with one to one reading using Read Write Inc Book Bag Books for reading at home.

By the end of June 2022, Year 1 will be taking their National Phonics Screening test.  Find out more in our powerpoint at the bottom of this webpage.

TOPICS; We have a learning challenge approach to our curriculum. Each term, children investigate a topic based upon a key question. Our topics are rich and exciting, beginning with a WOW moment and ending with an impressive end product, which is shared with other children or parents. Find out more about our curriculum here...

Each topic has a main subject focus, known as the 'topic driver', ensuring that all subjects are developed well over the year.

We incorporate exciting visits and visitors from outside of school including theatre groups, dancers, scientists and musicians to further enhance our topics and understanding of different cultures.

Teachers plan together using the National Curriculum 2014 to ensure continuity and progression is maintained.

What OFSTED said about our curriculum in July 2019:-

  • The curriculum is broad, balanced and meaningful. Leaders and teachers plan the curriculum to ensure that pupils visit new places such as zoos and museums. The curriculum is designed to encourage pupils to think critically and investigate, using a range of key questions, for example, "Would a dinosaur make a good pet?
  • The curriculum offers rich and meaningful learning experiences. Pupils enjoy many opportunities to visit new and exciting places.
  • Read our full OFSTED report by Clicking Here. 


Our Long Term Curriculum Plans;