Our Learning Intention Statement


Grow, Learn, Achieve, Discover


GROW; At The Brigg Infant School, we aim to nurture and develop children from their own starting points to become confident, positive learners who embrace challenge. 

LEARN; Our children love to learn through our question-based, active curriculum.  The curriculum is broad and progressive, built around the children's interests and our community. It is enriched by memorable 'wow' experiences and new opportunities. We focus on key skills and remembering our learning, as well as developing the core skills of maths, reading, writing and PHSE. 

ACHIEVE; The Brigg Infants has an inclusive ethos, where all children have the chance to succeed. Our stimulating learning environments challenge, support and celebrate learning. Our learning hero 'Fabulous Fox' has four key powers which he develops in our pupils and rewards termly;

  • Resilence; I CAN do it! And The power of yet!
  • Endurance; I love a challenge!
  • Independence; what can I see and use to help me learn?
  • Well-being; what makes a good learning friend?

These work alongside our values to ensure the children leave our school with high aspirations and a drive to succeed in their lifelong learning. 

We work in compliance with the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Regulations 2014 which ensures the curriculum is accessible for those with disabilities and special needs.


DISCOVER; The Brigg Infants' curriculum is delivered through termly learning challenges, which begin with a question and develop into a learning experience that links curriculum areas together meaningfully. Wow starters and exciting openers engage learners from day 1 of each term.  Topics are adapted each year to meet the needs and interests of the current children or important national and local events. Knowledge and skills are taught collectively, alongside a termly metacognition focus, beginning with Learning To Learn Day.  This ensures children are able to apply and build on their learning with increasing understanding of the business of learning itself. 

Subject leaders ensure that the planning, progression and delivery of the curriculum is effective. A system of curriculum monitoring and review ensures subject innovation is implemented effectively, and that the curriculum meets the needs of all pupils. 

Quality First Teaching is prioritised at the Brigg Infant school, with targeted interventions used to support learners where appropriate. We further enhance the curriculum for all children through the use of highly relevant visitors, trips and experiences, alongside a wide range of after-school clubs, to provide a rich and meaningful learning experience.


The impact of our curriculum can be seen across the whole school in all that we do. Staff and children demonstrate effective use of Fabulous Fox's learning powers and our values throughout each day. Children enjoy coming to our school and appreciate that they are here to learn. They are enthusiastic about their learning and articulate this very clearly. Visitors to The Brigg Infants give positive feedback, as do parents, carers and members of the community. Displays and pupils' work show our broad curriculum, the rich learning experiences provided and high expectations. These are backed up by very good progress from the children's starting points, which is helping pupils catch up from missed learning in Lockdown very quickly.

There are ten subjects in the National Curriculum plus Religious Education. Further details on the intent, implementation and impact of these subjects and also in EYFS can be viewed by clicking on the subject boxes below...