We value our governors greatly and appreciate the voluntary work that they do.  They meet 4 times a year as a full body and 3 more as a committee.  They also meet with teachers to discuss pupil progress and our plans for school improvement. 

Thank you to all our Governors!

Governors' Annual Statement 2020-21

How do we support the work of the school?

Our mission statement; to understand the strengths and weaknesses of The Brigg Infant School, acting as strategic partners for senior leaders, driving improvement forward for the children of South Normanton.

The Governors of the Brigg Infant School are responsible for ensuring that the school provides a good quality education for all pupils. Along with the Headteacher, they set the school aims and policies and determine how school budget is spent. By acting as strategic partners, Governors monitor and evaluate performance and challenge and support the Headteacher to achieve the schools targets.

The Headteacher is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school.

What Are We Proud of in 2020 - 21? 

The main challenge in 2021 has been the second UK Lockdown and continuing to keep the school community as safe as possible from Coronavirus.  We are proud that we remained open for key workers' children and vulnerable pupils, during both the UK lockdowns.  The governors would like to thank the staff for their tireless work to provide home learning for the majority of pupils and on-site learning for others.  The school was full to the maximum capacity allowed according to DFE guidance at all times. The staff also reached out to the community during lockdown, delivering food parcels, work packs and making door step visits to make sure that pupils and their families were safe and well during the second lockdown. The DFE asked schools to ensure that pupils completed high quality work from home if they were unable to attend school.  Staff provided online and video lessons, zoom assemblies, and highly relevant homework for all pupils plus support via Class Dojo for parents who become 'home tutors' yet again.  Good home learning was rewarded with certificates and small prizes for children and their 'home tutors' upon their return to school in mid March 2021!

In the time between the Lockdowns, the school worked hard to address many of the issues raised during OFSTED in July 2019; 

  • We reviewed our structure and effectiveness as governors in 2020.  In 2021 the impact of the changes to the way we work with school leaders was clear.  Governors are now more proactive, with less focus on formal committee meetings and more upon governors being present within the school day to bring about successful change in-line with the School Improvement Plan.
  • Where possible, the governors worked alongside the staff more frequently to  help them to understand the work of the school more clearly.  Unfortunatley, many of the planned learning walks and data meetings were not possible due to COVID restrictions. 
  • Instead, we asked senior and middle leaders to report to us online about the progress pupils were making and the support teachers were providing to pupils to help them cope with the lockdown emotionally as well as to catch up educationally.  We were very impressed that almost all pupils made good progress in the school terms last year, with some making exceptional progress in the circumstances.
  • Therefore governors are now more able to challenge senior leaders more effectively.  We are able to report our findings about the school more independently and ask increasingly probing questions.  We hope that a less disrupted school year in 2021-22 will enable us to continue this more effective working practice.
What are our Main Challenges for 2021 -22?
  • Continuing to work within COVID secure guidance and yet provide a high quality education for all pupils.
  • Ensuring that our School Improvement Plan  addresses the key issues raised by OFSTED, helps pupils catch up and addresses new demands from a new OFSTED framework.
  • Continuing to support the headteacher in achieving our vision for improvements within EYFS and phonics.
  • Ensuring that additional funding helps pupils to catch up with lost learning time and that pupils achieve highly this year. 
  • Ensuring that The Brigg Infant School is consistently good in its provision and strives for excellence.


How will we achieve this?
  • The governors will support the headteacher to assess risks and review our COVID secure learning environment regularly.
  • Review the School Improvement Plan and progress against targets set at each meeting.
  • Monitor and embed successful changes in EYFS including staffing, training, resourcing and facilites. 
  • Ensuring that our school has an effective Catch Up Strategy for the right pupils.  Reviewing pupil data at each meeting for all pupils and key groups. 
  • Visiting school for learning walks and meeting with middle and senior leaders regularly to review school improvement.

Please note this is not an exhaustive list but outlines our main priorities for 2021 -22.

For more details do contact our Chair of Governors;

Mr Charles Bagworth

See our 'Instrument of Governance'  below for infomation on how our governing body is made up. This has not changed for 2021-22 . 

Also see our 'Governors Register' below to see who the governors are and how often they attended meetings. You can also see here if they had any business interests to declare. 

The Full Governing Body meets four times a year. A Committee has been formed to support the Resource Management of the school (RMC). This committee meets three times a year and then feeds back to the Full Governing Body. The Resource Management Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Personnel and HR policies
  • Budget and Finance
  • Premises and Health and Safety
  • Admissions
  • Benchmarking
  • Performance Management
  • Business Management
  • Home School Agreement
  • Lettings