Sports Premium Funding

Our PE Curriculum at The Brigg

We believe that Physical Education is essential to the health, fitness, well-being and mental health of our children. We are proud to provide our children with a broad and detailed curriculum which not only uses highly skilled professionals to develop children's sporting skills but also develops their confidence, team-building, resilience and sportsmanship. We have developed close links with sporting bodies, such as Bolsover School Sports Partnership, to create many competitive, inclusive and diverse opportunities for our children at the Brigg. We have an ethos of the active learning throughout the day, including the big run, which allows our children to be happy, focussed and engaged in all subjects. As result, our children leave the school with the fundamentals in physical literacy, giving them the skills, knowledge and ability to thrive in physical education in their Junior schools and with the confidence to continue participating in sport and lead healthy, happy, active lives.

What is Sports Premium?

Sports Premium is an amount of money which the government has agreed to allocate to schools based upon the number of pupils. The Sports Premium is used to increase the quality and breadth of PE and Sport provision, and increase participation. At The Brigg Infant School, we strive to promote healthy and active lifestyles and aim to provide sporting opportunities for all pupils.

In 2020-21, we will receive a total of £17,040 at The Brigg. 

Due to Lockdown 1, we also carried forward £2238 from 2019 - 2020.

What are we going to do with the money in 2020 -21?

  • Affiliation with Shirebrook Sports Academy and Glebe Juniors to support with training, support and events for pupils such as Boccia, Fun Run, dance workshops and competitions, gymnastics and mini olympic events.
  • Professional sports coaches to work with Years 1 and 2 each week, developing athletics and multi-skills, working alongside teachers to aid training and assessment.
  • New equipment including balance bikes and outdoor play boxes.
  • Staff Training e.g. PE Leadership, multi-skills and balance bikes.
  • Workshops for children e.g. Balance bikes
  • Free buses to events for all pupils when COVID secure.
  • Lunchtime equipment and support from our coach and the Little Leaders to ensure that children have an active, fun and happy lunchtimes.
  • The Garden Project, outdoor pursuits throughout the year for all pupils.
  • A range of afterschool sports clubs when COVID secure.
  • Trips including Lea Green outdoor pursuits centre.
  • Improvements to our outdoor provision for EYFS.