We have an open door policy to parents and carers. This means that we actively encourage you to speak to any member of staff over any issue or concern, before it becomes a bigger problem, after all, " a problem shared is a problem halved."

However if parents and carers feel the need to make a formal complaint please see our full policy at the bottom of the page.

A summary of the procedure is found below...

Complaints Procedure

We hope that you are happy with our school but if not, do let us know straight away. Remember we are here to help.

1.  See your child's teacher about the problem but if this is difficult or fails to help then...

2.  See Mrs Spencer, HeadTeacher        OR        See Mrs Mackney, Deputy Head

Mrs Spencer, Headteacher
Mrs Mackney, Deputy Head

Call us or come to the office for an appointment - 01773 811317.

3.  If you are still unhappy please put your complaint in writing and send to Mrs Spencer via email or the office. She will investigate and respond in writing within 15 school days.

4.  If still unhappy please put your complaint in writing to Mr Bagworth, Chair of Governors via the office within 10 days. He will investigate and respond in writing within 20 days of receiving the letter.

5.  If still unhappy please write to Mr Bagworth, within 10 days, requesting a panel of other Governors to investigate the complaint. They will invite you to a panel meeting following their investigation, within 15 school days of receiving the letter. 
Please note the panels' decision is final​.

Other bodies you may contact;

Secretary of State for Education, having followed all stages above.

OFSTED (issues must not relate to an individual pupil)

See our full complaints policy on our website or ask the office for a paper copy.

Thank you.