October 5th 2022

Re; Our new attendance policy and action plan

Dear all

As we all know, last year was very difficult for everyone due to Covid 19 and related problems.  One aspect of school that was badly affected was our good attendance record, for obvious reasons.

This year we are trying very hard to reduce the number of pupils with low attendance (low = below 90%).  This was a big problem last year, with 45 pupils with low attendance.  This affected the children's progress.  Did you know, our school might not achieve another OFSTED GOOD grade without improvement?

Please be aware and supportive of the following which will give your child the best chance of success...

  • AVOID HOLIDAYS; Holidays in term time will not be authorised unless they are truly exceptional.  Parents will receive a fixed penalty (fine) for each child who misses school for more than 2 days for a holiday.  The following reasons are not exceptional; it was a surprise booked by a family member / we cannot afford a holiday within school holidays / it's for a birthday treat / my child has special needs / it was due to lockdown. Please ask for a holiday form from the office at least 2 weeks before your holiday, otherwise we will not be able to authorise it.
  • CONTACT SCHOOL REGARDING SICKNESS ABSENCE; we need to know by 9am if your child is off and the reason why. Call 01773 811317 (answerphone available at all times). If we do not know where your child is, we will call all your emergency contacts and then be forced to alert social care and / or the police (a warning text is sent first). 

Did you know?....Not all illness requires time off if your child is feeling well, so do speak to us to check.  We can also administer any prescribed medication if required as we are trained in safe administration.  You or a trusted adult can also call into school to give your child calpol or similar if needed, with my permission.

  • PREVENT INFECTION; to stop others catching sickness and diarrhoea, 48 hours off is needed after the last bout of illness before returning to school.  Teach your child how to wash their hands well for 20 seconds especially after using the toilet.
  • REMEMBER EVERY SCHOOL DAY IS AN IMPORTANT DAY; encourage your child to come to school every day possible.  We reward high attendance for classes and individuals over the year with stickers, badges and celebrations.

We monitor attendance daily and report to parents about their own child's attendance in November, February, May and July each year.   We will send a letter and a text to alert you to it.   If your child has low attendance we will support improvement in the following ways;

  1. Monitor your child weekly.
  2. Invite you to an attendance review clinic, to discuss how we can help.
  3. Invite you to a meeting with our Chair of Governors if no improvement.
  4. Set improvement targets.
  5. Request medical evidence for all absences.
  6. Issue fixed penalties if no improvement or for continuous late arrivals.

Thank you to the many parents who make sure their child has high attendance or as good as possible under difficult circumstances.  It is much appreciated.

I encourage you to read our new Attendance Policy below

Mrs A Spencer