Frequently Asked Questions

Life is full of so many questions.  We hope this page can provide some quick answers...

  • What time does school start? at 8.45 gates open, at 9am school starts.

  • What if we are late?  please come to the office via the South Street gates after 9am.  Ensure your child is registered there,  otherwise they may not get a dinner. Lateness will affect your attendance record so please try hard to be on time. 

  • What time is pick up? As from September 2021, EYFS are collected at the back gates at 2.45 up til 3pm. Year 1 are collected at the back gates from 3pm to 3.15. Year 2 are collected at the front doors 3pm to 3.15.  Younger siblings go to older classes (with the teacher) to be collected please.

  • Can my child have time off for a holiday?  Not usually.  Please try to take all holidays during school holidays. Permission can only be granted in exceptional circumstances and price and parents' holidays from work cannot be included.  Always submit a holiday form 2 weeks in advance of any planned absence (go to parents form page).  

  • Can my child go home with a friend?  Yes if their parents are in agreement and willing /able to collect both children. Please inform the classteacher / office.

  • Can my older child (in Key stage 2, 3 or 4) collect my younger child?  We prefer siblings to be older than 16 before they collect little ones please. If this is difficult for you, please contact the headteacher on

  • Can my relative collect my child? Yes if they are over 16. Please inform the classteacher / office if they have not collected before.

  • What day is PE?  Your class teacher will write this in your child's reading diary (Page 6) and will remind you via Class Dojo messages each term. 

  • What do we wear for PE? go to our uniform page, click here

  • Can my child have a new reading book?  Of course, we have set days for changing books, your class teacher will let you know which days of the week this is.  Otherwise do send the teacher a message via cass dojo. 

  • Can my child come to school with a cough?  No, not until COVID 19 rules change.  Please go for a PCR test (at a drive through centre or by post).

  • Can my child come back to school after sickness / tummy bug? No, they need 48 hours off (after the last bout of sickness) please.

  • Can my child swap from dinners to sandwiches? Yes, that's fine.  We will order a hot meal for all the children at school who do not arrive with a packed lunch box by 9am.  If you are late or absent, this may mean we cannot order a meal for you, so do call the office. 

  • What is the school dinner today?  Please see our menu, click here. 

  • How do I report a sick absence?  Call the office 01773 811317 and leave an aswerphone message by 9.15am please.  Please say your child's full name, class and the reason why they are absent.

  • What happens if my child needs medicine during the school day?  We can give medicines if the doctor prescribes it and if it cannot be given at home.  Complete our medications form at

Please let us know if we can help with any other little mysteries!

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