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Survey Results

Published on 22 March 2022
Survey Results

Thank you to governors Ms Johnston, Mr Reeson and Mr Bagworth for coming onto the playground last week to conduct a survey with parents and carers about pupil safety.  The results were very positive and helpful.  It's great to know that you feel confident that we keep your children safe and that they are so happy at our school.  Nothing is more important to us.   The results were as follows;

  • 37 people responded.
  • 100% feel their child is happy at The Brigg!
  • Only 8% felt their child had experienced bullying at The Brigg (that's 3 people). Of those 3,  2 people felt it had been dealt with quickly and well.
  • 100% feel that The Brigg provides helpful information on internet safety to protect their children.

Things parents commented on or requested include;

- more communication please; we have tried harder to update the website since this feedback and will continue to do so.  If you have any suggestions on what more we can do to improve this, please email  We welcome your comments!

- be consistent with rewards; we need to know more about how we can improve this so again, do email me with ideas or more detail on the address above.  We welcome your comments!

- great support for special needs x2 people; thank you!  We are proud of this and thank all the staff, especially SENCO Mrs Trimmings for all her good work!

- you dislike dog poo and smoking on the walk to school; we will ask school council to make posters to discourage this and we will display them around the local area.  Can everyone help with this please?

If you would like to share your views, why not go to the OFSTED Parent View survey?  It is free, easy to do and anonymous. We need to increase our number of views so do go to

Thank you for all the helpful feedback.