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Sun Safety

Published on 22 May 2023
Sun Safety

Dear all

It is really important that we take care in the sun especially now that we are in the summer season.

Please can you ensure the following is in place for your child every day....

- apply sun screen before school.

- send in a bottle of sun screen (sun cream) for your child to keep in class.  Please name label it.

- ensure your child has a sun hat or cap with their NAME in it EVERYDAY.

- ensure your child can cover up from the sun with a long sleeve top such as a jumper / cardigan.

- ensure your child wears socks (not sandals with bare feet).

- ensure your child has a fresh bottle of water with their name on.

Also, please note, staff are not allowed to apply suncream to the children.  They supervise the children whilst they apply it themselves.  They remind the whole class to apply their cream before lunch.  Pupils are not allowed to share suncream and we cannot provide it. We play in the shade as much as possible and on very hot days we come in early to cool down after lunch. 

Thanks very much

Mrs A Spencer

Any concerns, do let us know.