The Brigg Infant School News

Scooter Smart Day

Published on 14 March 2023

Dear all

Next week we will be learning about keeping safe and staying healthy as well as being environmentally friendly.

There will be visitors in school working with the children on Thursday 23rd March, from Derbyshire County Council for a free workshop for each class called Scooter Smart.

The sessions will be delivered by trainers from Derbyshire's Travel Smart team, the aim of the day is to improve children's confidence and stability when riding their scooter.

We would like every child to bring their own scooter to school that day if they have one. The children will be learning how to use their scooter safely and take part riding around the skills course that will be set up. If you do not have a scooter your child may borrow one, but please alert the class teacher if you do not wish for your child to take part. 

Scooters must be name labelled as there will be a lot of them on the day!  Please write your child's name clearly on a piece of card, luggage label or old envelope and tie it to the scooter handles with string / wool.  Do ask for help if you need it!

PARKING; On the day each class must park their scooters in the following areas so that we can find the scooters quickly and easily please;

Year 1;under the Y1 canopy at the back of Galaxy class (through the red gates)

Year 2; On the MUGA (coloured tarmac on the new playground)

Reception; in and around the bandstand, near back gates.


If your child normally wears a helmet and/or elbow/knee pads while scooting and you would like them to wear this on the day you can send this safety wear with your child in a name lableeled carrier bag. However this isn't considered necessary equipment for the activities that will be undertaken. Please note if your child is going to wear any safety clothing them must be able to put it on by them self.

The Scooter Smart session lasts around 30-40 minutes per class - please ensure your child dresses appropriately – i.e. waterproof if raining, hat & sun cream if warm.


Shoes may get scuffed so pupils could wear trainers if they wish.


We would like to invite parents / carers to stay for assembly on 23.3.23 at 9.05 where the Travel Smart  Team will be able to tell you more about the Scooter Smart project for 15 minutes or so in the playground, then the classes will have their sessions once parents / carers have left the premises.


We look forward to seeing those who can come along and hope it will be a really fun day for everyone.

Any questions do message Mrs Spencer,