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Late Gate Support

Published on 1 November 2022

Thank you to our Chair of Governors Mr Bagworth for his support in running a Late Gate check up with me last term.  We will repeat this each term of the year, especially if we see lots of pupils arriving late.

Good news;  the number of pupils who were late for lessons was so very low.

It is very important that pupils arrive at school at or before 9am every day.  This helps them to feel calm and prepared for lessons, hear any important messages about the day ahead and to touch base with staff and friends before lessons.

Our first lesson is always PHONICS where we use Read Write Inc to teach your children to read.  If they are late, they miss the most vital lesson of the day.

Thank you to all those who are always on time.  Well done to those who are trying harder to be on time, do keep it up.

Let us know how we can help you if this is difficult for you.  We may be able to help.

Top tips to be on time...

  1. Lay out all the clothes you need for school before you go to bed. 
  2. Keep shoes in the same place all the time. 
  3. Go to bed on time, young children need 9 to 11 hours of sleep. 
  4. Pack bags and lunches the night before. 
  5. Use an alarm clock / phone app. 
  6. Encourage your child to get themselves ready BEFORE watching TV / ipads etc in the mornings.
  7. Keep breakfast simple, not too many choices.
  8. Put together an emergency pack you can grab if late; cereal bar, empty water bottle (we can fill it), juice box, wipes, bobble...
  9. Always make time for cuddles!

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