The Brigg Infant School News

Early Bird Drop Off Service

Published on 8 September 2020

Early Bird Further Details 

  • Parents or carers should bring their children into the office area, entering via South Street please.  Mrs Hackett or Mrs Gains will meet you at the hall door.  Please remember;1 family at a time in the lobby area.
  • All children will sanitize hands on arrival using gel.
  • Children will sit at separate class tables in the hall, enjoying activities supervised by our staff -  Mrs Hackett and Mrs Gains. 
  • We will provide fruit and a drink, but children should eat breakfast BEFORE they arrive please. They may bring a packed breakfast with them.
  • Early bird has its own resources and will not share them with classrooms. Each class bubble has its own box of activites which will not be passed to the other classes.
  • The member of staff on door duty will wear a face visor and is able to take brief messages.
  • Children will wash their hands with soap and water before eating.
  • Food from home; an appropriate packed breakfast can be sent in with your child. We cannot cook any food for the children.  Please do not send cereal with milk / nuts/ glass bottles / sweets / crisps / chocolate bars.  Ideal items would be croissants, pain au chocolate, cereal bars, fruit, yogurt pouch, fruit juice cartons, sandwich, crackers / cheese, dunkers etc.   Drinks will be provided.
  • Food from school will include; fresh fruit, milk, water, fruit juice. 
  • The children will be able to go to the toilet  / wash hands before the staff personally deliver them to their classrooms at 8.35, ensuring an adult acknowledges that they have arrived.
  • Sick pupils; we will operate the sickbay as described in our full risk assessment.  Temperatures can be taken if necessary.  Mrs Hackett and Mrs Gains are able to contact parents in an emergency,  in the absence of office / senior staff before school, if necessary. 
  • Both TAs have up to date Safeguarding, COVID Secure Risk Assessment and First Aid training.