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Charity Clothes Bank

Published on 16 April 2023
Charity Clothes Bank

Air Ambulance Clothes Bank

We are pleased to announce that we now have a charity clothes bank on our school site.

This can be found in the front car park on South Street.

Parents, carers and staff are welcome to drop off items as listed on the image here.  We would prefer you to post bags of unwanted, good quality items off by yourselves, following the safety instructions on the drop box please.  The best times to do this would be 8.45 to 9am or after 3pm.  If this is not possible, do ask a member of staff on the gate /door to take your donations for you or you can bring them to the office. 

We will also be able to use this facility to dispose of the unwanted lost property we have in stock.  These items are not name labelled so we cannot return them to the owners.  We will put the items out for parents/carers to see at pick up and drop off times each day next week, so do claim your items and anything that you could use to reduce waste.  Please remember to check all school items are still name labelled after washing, so that we can help the children look after their things. 

Many thanks for your support for this great cause.