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administration of medicines

Published on 1 December 2021
administration of medicines

Dear Parents and Carers

We are able to administer medicine to children during the school day with the following stipulations only...

- The medicine must be prescribed to your child by a GP or other medical professional

- The medicine must be in date, in original packaging and not damaged in anyway.  Please also provide a measuring spoon if required.

- Parents must complete our form in full to give permission / instructions, go to the forms page for a copy or see the office.

-  The last date for administering the medicine must be made clear to school.

- Miss Brown, Mrs B Smith or Mrs Spencer are the only staff who are legally allowed to administer medication on site.  If they are not available the medicine cannot be given by other staff.

- We will only administer medicine if it cannot be given during home hours e.g. if 4 doses are required or if a midday dose is stipulated.

-We cannot apply medication to intimate parts of the body.

-We cannot mix medication into food or drinks.

-All medication must be handed into the office by an adult or passed to a member of staff on the gate and stored in the office.   It can be collected again daily if necessary. We have a secure fridge here.

- Parents are also welcome to call into school to medicate their child if required.  This does not need to be prescribed. 

Each request will be considered by the headteacher on health and safety grounds.