Head Teacher Blog

The New Lockdown

Published on 08 January 2021

Dear all

What a week it has been!  No one expected the school to be closed to the majority of pupils this time last week.  However, we have all pulled together as usual and things are up and running even better than during the last lockdown.  I am especially proud of the following things...

- Parents for understanding of the situation and helping us to have the smallest number of pupils on site as possible.  This helps keep everyone safe from the new strain of the virus. A big thank you to those parents who are key workers but are keeping their child at home for their safety and ours. 

- Parents for getting on board with home learning so quickly.  We all appreciate that this is a very tricky and important job.  You can access the learning on the classes section of this website.  Remember that all the green text = links to more details that are very important.  If you are struggling and would like a papercopy of this work, call the office to arrange collection 01773 811317. If you need to ask the classteachers for advice they will be checking Class Dojo each day, late morning, so do message them. Mrs Spencer will also be inviting you all to a 'home learning' ZOOM meeting to discuss the arrangements and any questions you might have next week; INVITE to follow. 

-Teachers for setting up the exciting home learning programme so quickly and efficiently.  The activities look great and will be updated weekly, including videos of staff and hopefully live links coming soon.  We are trying hard to ensure that the children at home access similar work to those in school and that they keep up with the tremendous progress they made last term.  Teachers are also working in school with half sized classes following thier usual timetables, so thank you so much to them for their hard work.

-Teaching Assistants for their support, skills and flexibility.  They have been supporting pupils in school, covering classes and making life fun in school.  It is very much appreciated.  I hope you have subscribed to the fabulous Mrs Sheppard's daily storytime on YouTube! Go to   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjFUn1v81gU&safe=active  

- Office staff because we could not operate without Mrs Smith and Miss Brown, thank you for their efficient organisation and care.  

 - Midday supervisors - thank you for supporting us in school and making lunchtime happy and fun each day.  We love the daily 'Get On the Train' exercise.

- Cleaning and caretaking staff- we need you now more than ever!  Thank you for sanitising everywhere everyday. 

NEXT WEEK; we will be altering the drop off time to 8.45 to 9am please, due to fewer numbers on site. Remember that we have Early Bird service available from 7.45 daily as well if you need early childcare. Email CBrown@brigg.derbyshire.sch.uk to book.

Take care and keep safe

Mrs Spencer


Christmas Blog

Published on 17 December 2020

Christmas Lunch

A huge thank you to all the staff for making Christmas lunch a very special occasion last Wednesday.  Midday supervisors decorated the tables with brightly coloured wrapping paper and all the staff helped to serve the lunch, waitress style.  The children enjoyed a special lunch followed by a Christmas disco in the playgrounds.  The midday team treated all the children to small toys and sweets at the end.  Well done everyone.

Reading Heroes

We reward the children for reading four times a week every week at home each term. The following children received certificates in assembly and were entered into a class prize draw to win a new book. Well done to the following reading heroes...

EYFS; Natalia, Emily W, Ettie, Daniel, William A, Olivia H and the winners were; Freya and Lacey!

Warhol Class; Summer, Jackson P, Iestyn, Ellie-Jane, Ethan, Kian and the winner was; Oskar!

Gillmor Class; Blake, Hollie, Pearl, Amelia-Mae, Katie, Joshua and Piper-Belle and the winner was; Archie!

Monet Class; Alfie, Amy, Charlie Pa, Charlie Pe, Elliot, Emi, Ewan, John, Libby, Lily May, Luka, Maisie F, Milo
Oscar, Freya, Thomas, Sophie, Rubie, Sommer and the winner was; Frankie!

Goldsworthy Class; Ava-Elise, Emily, George, Darcey, Eila-Belle, Lois, Olivia, Natasha, William, Jakub and Charlie and the winner was; Arthur!

Next term we are improving out incentives to read at home 4 times a week with a family hamper for the winner of the reading hero prize draw.  There will be goodies for mums, dads and children. Make sure you upload a photograph of your child's reading dairy, showing four entries per week and your teacher will enter you into the draw. 

Thank you for hearing your child read at home, it really is the key to success!

And Finally...

Thank you for your support and commitment to the children and staff at The Brigg.  We really apprecaite all of the cards and gifts you have sent in.

Have a very merry Christmas and a much happier new year in 2021!


Elf Day Blog

Published on 07 December 2020

Elf Day was a huge success on Friday 4th December and really welcomed in the festive season.

Thank you for dressing your children so brilliantly in their elf outfits and festive clothes.

Thank you also to Mrs Trimmings for organising the fun and to Mrs Smith in the office for counting and banking the funds raised.

We raised a £110.51 for The Alzheimer's Society, not including any donations made online.  We hope to be informed of our full total soon.

First Headteacher's Blog

Published on 27 November 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to my first headteacher's blog.  I aim to write to you every week with an update and celebration of our work at The Brigg. This will replace my weekly newsletter if you can remember that from 2019. Our news page on the website also lets you know what is coming up.

Free Toothcare kits;  thank you to Miss Brown for organising a free toothbrush and toothpaste for every child in school courtesy of Colgate. We will be sending these home over the next few days.  Please encourage your children to brush their teeth twice a day, especially now that check-ups at the dentists are not possible.  There is a helpful video at...


Pants are Private; This week we have been learning that PANTS ARE PRIVATE! This NSPCC unit is a fun way to learn about good and bad touches, secrets and who children can speak to if they need help.


We also loved the Pantosuarus Song, join in by CLICKING HERE!

Christmas begins; we are looking forward to our festive season beginning next week and hope to spread some cheer.  Find out more about how we are celebrating at https://www.brigg.derbyshire.sch.uk/whats-new/latest-news/is-christmas-cancelled/

As always do get in touch with us with any questions or concerns.  Your child's class teacher will reply to messages via Class Dojo and you can email me on headteacher@brigg.derbyshire.sch.uk