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Big Number Day

Published on 05 May 2021

Just a reminder that we are taking part in National Number Day in aid of the NSPCC on Friday (7th May) this week.

You can see a short video about Number day at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRCBP5SyF1k

We will ...

  • Take part in Buddy's key challenge
  • Enjoy number games, songs, stories, rhymes and quizzes
  • Have a sponsored DO IT! See this on the short video above.

Please can you support by...

  • Dressing up for digits; on the day wear clothes with numbers or shapes, or why not face paint numbers?
  • Help your child to complete the sponsor form we sent home last week and then collect the donations safely.  They must not speak to strangers to do this please, just include family members and close friends.  Please do not ask staff to sponsor your child J
  • Return the donations to school by 15th May please.


Yvonne's Trophy for Friendship

Published on 04 May 2021

Hello everyone,

I am so proud to be able to introduce a new award for my pupils at The Brigg, in memory of our much missed friend and colleague Yvonne Costello.

The Yvonne Trophy for Friendship has been kindly donated by the governors.  It will be given to the best lunchtime friend in each class over each term.  The best friend will be selected by the midday supervisors and the deserving child will be rewarded with keeping the magnificent angel trophy for the whole week.  We will take photographs as a memento and reward children with stickers for returning it to us in time for the next reward assembly.

Here you can see Emily receiving the very first award for making everyone feel happy at lunchtime.  Congratulations Emily, your teachers and family are so proud of you.

Surprise Surprise!

Published on 28 March 2021

It was a wonderful surprise to return to school on Tuesday to find my office was crammed with balloons, bunting and lovely cards made by the children to celebrate my 25th year of teaching in Derbyshire.  I was over whelmed!

I wore my beautiful pink diamond tiara all week (thanks Mrs Mackney!) and it was funny that the children thought it was my 25th birthday!!!!

Thank you to the super staff  and governors for organising the surprise.  I am very proud to have been teaching for so long, it is so rewarding to see how much the boys and girls progress as they go through school.  I did a little maths about it;

I have taught 750 children, in 4 schools in 1 county. 

I look forward to many more years teaching your fabulous children with our great team!

Thank you again!

Mrs Spencer

Back To School Again

Published on 21 March 2021

Hello to everyone,

It's been a very strange week at The Brigg, with all of Year 1 pupils and several other staff isolating and / or ill from Coronavirus.  Thank you for all of your kind messages and patience!

We hope that this is not the shape of things to come but on the other hand we all need to be prepared for this sort of disruption until Covid 19 is fully out of the headlines.  Please be aware that it is very important for your child to complete the work that the teachers set for home learning during any future isolation, as long as you are well enough.  The lost learning time could add up over the year so we will plan work for your child to help them keep up.  Look on our website (class pages) and also on class dojo 'class story' for the work and essential videos.  We will also print packs for your safe collection, outside the office, if and when needed. We appreciate your time and patience helping the children with their work, it will really pay off.  Do share your work on your return or even better, via class dojo and message your teacher (or myself) for help and hints.  We are there for you!

It was so nice to give out awards to children and their parents in Key Stage 1 who had completed all of their learning at home over the lockdown.  Well done to you if you received certificates and treats!

I am looking forward to seeing all the boys and girls back at school when I return along with Year 1 on Tuesday.  If you are not well enough to return yet, get well soon!

Mrs Spencer, Headteacher

Last Week Of January

Published on 25 January 2021

Hello everyone 

I hope you had a nice weekend in the snow and managed to have some fun outside on your sledges, building snowmen and throwing snow balls. 

Attendance is high at The Brigg: you might have to read in the national news that UK schools have an average of 20% of pupils in school because they are vulnerable or because their parents are critical workers with no alternative childcare options. At The Brigg we have almost 40% of our children in school at the moment. We are concerned about germ transfer due to high numbers.  If your child is attending school and you are a critical worker, please ensure that this is essential for your work.  On the other hand, we do prefer that your child is full time, if they have a place, so that they have consistency. Thank you.

Covid 19 Testing: this week, staff at school will begin to test themselves for Coronavirus using NHS kits twice a week. This will show if they have the virus but do not have symptoms. This may lead to increased closures of classes if necessary, but will be so helpful in the fight against infection. If your child's class has to close, we will contact you via text and class dojo at the first opportunity and we thank you for your understanding should this happen. Huge thanks to the staff who are helping in this way. 

Everyone in South Normanton can help too by attending the testing centre for everyone without symptoms at the Post Mill Centre, Market Street, South Normanton, DE55 2EJ.  This will run until Sunday 28 February. Opening times are 9am – 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 4pm Saturday & Sunday.  I am told it is running very well, is quick to do and not over crowded.  Why not pop along?

New Videos;  Thank you to all the staff who are busy making videos for the children learning at home and at school.  Teachers are making their own phonics videos for all year groups.  Thank you to Miss Brooks for inspiring and supporting us with this.  Mrs Sheppard is making her daily story time video on You Tube, so don't miss this as everyone is enjoying it!  The teaching assistants are setting up live ZOOM sessions for the children who need speech therapy and phonics catch up sessions. I am truly grateful to my hardworking and inspirational staff, they never stop trying to find ways to engage all the children.  Thank you to them all.

Teaching at Home;  finally to thank all the mums, dads and grandparents who are doing a super job of supporting the children with their home learning - you are all amazing and thank you for your dedication to your children and to The Brigg.  Your hard work will really pay off!  

See you as soon as it is safe to do so!