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No Smoking Signs

Published on 12 May 2022

Dear all,

In response to a recent parent survey led by our Governors,  parents commented that they disliked smoking and dog poo on the way to school.  Although this is out of the control of school staff, we have asked our trusty pupils in our School Council, led by Mrs Taylor,  to think about the problem.  They decided to make posters for the school gates.  If everyone could help with these issues it would be much appreciated.  Apologies that the photos are reversed, I am seeking help with this issue.

Thank you.

Mrs Spencer

  • No Smoking Please!
  • School Council Posters

Welcome to Spring!

Published on 20 March 2022

I hope that you and your family have enjoyed the wonderful sunshine this weekend.  It seems like Spring is here in full force.

I wanted to share with you some great new features at The Brigg Infant School, as follows;

- We have some new screening around the sports playground to make it more private as this is next to a public footpath.  Thank you to Mr and Mrs Reeson for putting this up over the holidays, it looks really great and feels very safe and attractive inside.

- We also have two new parking racks for scooters at the front and back of school, paid for by the PTA before it closed.  Another thank you to caretaker Mr Reeson  and Mrs Reeson too, for putting them up for pupils to use.  This has made the scooters safer and tidier during the day.  

We are looking forward to a sunny week ahead.  If the sun is out please remember your child's water bottle, sun hat with name inside and suncream applied before school.  If you wish your child to apply more suncream during the day, they may bring a named bottle of suncream to class.  Please be aware that they must apply it themselves, with supervision, as staff are not allowed to do this for pupils. 

Many thanks.

As always, do let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Best wishes

Mrs Spencer


Concerns about Poppy Playtime

Published on 03 March 2022

Dear all

we have been alerted to a worrying new web game called Poppy Playtime.  This very much looks like it is fun for children but there are growing concerns nationally that it is not suitable becuase it is a 'Horror Game' which our children are not old enough to cope with for the following reasons...

  • Added anxiety and stress – Children and young people are still growing and learning. They may not be at a level of emotional maturity that would be able to process frightening content, even if it is intentional. Horror games could hamper that growth by creating unnecessary anxiety and stress.

  • Intrusive thoughts – Everyone has the 'thing that goes bump in the night.' If children play this game or watch it, the Boogeyman could easily be replaced with characters like Huggy Wuggy. This could cause children to lose focus or sleep and could interrupt family rest cycles.

  • New fears – The manipulation of child-friendly items into threatening characters exploits the sense of security a child would feel around these things. They may suddenly be terrified of something that had never been a worry before.

We are concenred with the amount of Poppy Playtime Merchandise here at school on our Pyjama day and some children have been upset by this.  We thought parents should be aware of the concerns and we encourage you to find out more at...


With thanks for your support.

One Kind Word

Published on 20 November 2021

At the end of Anti Bullying Week I thought it would be nice to share some highlights of the week.  We have been thinking about kindness and kind words and the children have shown a very positive attitude.  They know that friendship means kindness and the children are learning that it is very important to think carefully about what we say and the impact on others.  This isn't easy, so we practised giving compliments and saying thank you in a 'chain of kindness'.   

We wore odd socks all week to remind ourselves that everyone is unique and we should respect differences.

Pudsey Bear day was a huge success.  Thank you for buying your children so many different Pudsey items and also for making some fantastic outfits.  We are so pleased with the £177.49 raised for Children In Need.

To finish 'One Kind Word' week, I thought I would share a list of all the ways we reward children at The Brigg (I hope I remembered them all!)...

  • Dojo Points for good work and behaviour in every lesson and for home work / reading
  • Class treats, certificates and prizes for 100, 200 and 300 Dojo Points
  • FAB awards weekly for the best friend, the best achievement and the best behaved child in each class
  • Totally FAB prize giving, if you achieve all three different FABs
  • Learning Hero Reward; Fabulous Fox sets a termly challenge to encourage good learning behaviour such as perseverance, ambition, independence, positive thinking and more
  • Yvonne's trophy for lunchtime kindness weekly
  • Mrs Asher's good reading trophy weekly
  • Star Pupil of the term for each class; parents invited to the trophy giving in assembly
  • Good attendance badges and certificates termly.  Prizes for 100% attendance all year.
  • Reading rewards; certificates and prizes for reading four times a week every week at home. In terms 1, 3 and 5 we have a hamper of goodies in a prize draw as well.
  • Class teachers and staff also have their own treat systems to encourage good work and learning behaviour such a stickers, prize boxes, special chairs to sit on and other privileges.
  • Recognition and stickers in assembly for achievement in other clubs such as swimming, dance, sports and the summer library reading challenge.  Let your class teacher know via Dojo if your child would like to share any achievements from out of school and you may bring trophies/ medals / certificates to assembly for us to admire!

Keep up the good work everyone, we can't wait to reward you!


Well Done in Week 1

Published on 11 September 2021

I was delighted to welcome the children back to school this week and especially to meet all our new families.  The children have made an impressive start...

Reception children have now advanced to full time days and quickly learnt how lunchtimes operate.   They have been sorted into two classes but they mix throughout everyday and work as one unit.  I'm sure they are tired after the first week and will find a full time week a challenge next week but they are super stars and will impress us all.

Year 1 have moved into their new key stage with confidence and have enjoyed a play based yet challenging week.  Their topic is TOYS and they are learning through continuous play as well as adult led activities.  The teachers are looking forward to meeting you on TEAMs to tell you more details (Miss Naylor on Tuesday 14th, Mrs Smith & Mrs Mackney on 22nd Sept).  Details on Class Dojo.

Year 2 are already showing us how capable they are and have worked hard on their topic about AFRICA.  They are taking turns to be Lunch Buddies and were so kind in helping the younger children in the hall and on the playground.  The teachers are looking forward to meeting you on TEAMs on Monday 13th Sept.  Details on Class Dojo.

Well done to parents, children and staff for a super start to the school year!

As always, any questions, comments or concerns do get in touch via email or class dojo,  phone or see us at the gates!  We are happy to help.

NB: Reception children will be set up on Class Dojo next week : )