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The Friends of The Brigg

Welcome to "Friends of the Brigg"


The newly managed 'Friends of The Brigg' would like to say a big hello and welcome to all parents and children. We are a small group of parents/carers working to support The Brigg Infant School in South Normanton, which has approximately 160 children.  

Our aim is to raise awareness to provide extra facilities/activities to enrich the existing objectives and direction of the school, those "extras" that the school budget may not stretch to.  All our efforts are to raise money to benefit our children. Some of the things that we do may not make a great deal of money, but if our children get enjoyment from them and take away lovely memories that's enough for us.

As a registered charity we are also often able to apply for funding and grants when School cannot. The School budget cannot cover everything so the money that we raise and the memories made from our events means a lot.

What's been done so far?

The Friends have been super busy. We have had Christmas Fayres, Discos for the children, Picnic and games, Cake sales to name a few. We are planning a Summer Fayre for Wednesday 3rd July 2019.

Items we have funded previously range from large scale playground equipment, smaller resources for classrooms and the regeneration of a school gardening area from an unused piece of land.  This was done on the 17th February 2014 when the 'Friends of The Brigg' and volunteers from BT were busy creating a wildlife garden at the front of school.  


With school budgets getting more stretched every year, we are always thinking of new ways to raise funds for the school.  Our fundraising to date has come from a variety of sources:

  • Traditional school events, such as the Christmas and Summer Fayres, and term time discos for the children
  • Raffles throughout the year, supported by local businesses via prize donations, regular donations include The Bakehouse, The Co-op and Heron Foods with prizes being donated from local attractions regularly. 
  • Sales of fundraising products to families, such as Christmas Cards and Tea Towels - designed by the children. 

  • Cash donations and donations of equipment by community members and local businesses

  • Local grants for community projects

If you think you could give any other ideas or know of any businesses willing to help our school, please contact Nicola Hackett via email on Thank you in advance.


Forthcoming Events:

Sunday 12/05/19     10:00am         Sign up for the Gala Float/Make decorations, this will take place at the                                                          school.

Tues      21/05/19     15:30pm        Picnic & Games night for EYFS children, letter to follow.

Weds    22/05/19     15:30pm         Picnic & Games night for Y1 & Y2 children, letter to follow.  

Mon      13/05/19     14:00pm         PTA Meeting.

Mon      10/06/19     14:00pm         PTA Meeting.

Thurs    13/06/19     T.B.C              Beach Party, letter to follow.

Fri         21/06/19     09:00am        Choc & Bottle

Sat        29/06/19     08:00am        Decorate Gala Floats at The Hub Car Park, more details to follow.

Weds      03/07/18    13:00pm        Summer Fayre, more details to follow.

Mon       08/07/19     14:00pm        Final PTA meeting of school year in the Staffroom.





How can I help?

If you would like to get involved or can help out in any way at all then please come and speak to Mrs Spencer or Mrs Hackett. We meet regularly at school, usually before pick up time, but if you can't make the meetings due to work or other commitments you can still get involved. Some parents just help out at the events or do the 'backroom' jobs such as producing posters, letters, preparing items for stalls etc, if they cannot be at the event itself. Any time you can give will always be appreciated so please let us know if you can help.  We also sometimes ask for help via letters placed in the children's school bags.

If you are a local business who would like to get involved, from sponsorship to donating a raffle prize, then please do not hesitate to contact the school on 01773 811317 and ask for a member of the 'Friends' to contact you back.