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Term 4 in Reception


February - April 2020

Learning challenge question;

What do we find on the farm? 

Communication and Language

This term our focus story will be the Little Red Hen, it is a traditional Folk tale but we are focusing on Pie Corbett’s version. 

· Making up own stories – adults scribing the story as the child retells it.

· Retelling stories – both our focus text and the children’s own stories.

· Sequencing stories – looking at beginning, middle and end and describing the key characters of a story. 

· Listening to others opinions in conversations and taking turns when talking.

Physical Development

PE will be on Friday mornings again this term. We will be focusing on dance and our focus this term will be; 

· Experimenting with different ways of moving our bodies to music. 

· Learning to move with confidence and skill around, under, over and through balancing and climbing equipment.

· Develop fine motor skills through threading, construction, malleable materials and small world equipment.

· Continuing to use the correct pencil grip and learning to form our letters correctly.

· Develop a sense of balance using the new balance bikes.

· We will be discussing washing our hands very carefully and why this is so important. 

 Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be going on a trip to the National Forest Adventure Farm this term and our PSED sessions will be based around this.

· On our Learning to Learn day we will be reading ‘There’s a Volcano in my Mouth’ and trying to take turns when talking. 

· We will be encouraging children to try and resolve their own disputes with each other. 

· Before our trip to the farm we will discussing the expectations of being on a school trip and the behaviour we expect.


Here is a little reminder on how you can help your child at school this term; 

1. Read to and with your child at least 4 times a week

2. Spot the different sounds in books and around you (road signs, shop signs, leaflets etc). 

3. Ask your child to read any CVC words (dog, cat, bat etc) you see in books and around you. 

4. Begin to learn the high frequency words with your child (a letter will sent out to you this term about this). 

5. Count to 20 with your child and encourage our child to spot numbers that are all around us. 


Thank you to all the parents and children who returned their posters linked to our topic.

They are now displayed in our classrooms and the children can now refer to them during their learning.